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Overall Driver’s Ed Process

Certainly, the event that most teens look forward to is being able to drive. However, as many of you coming to this website might know, there is a process that one must go through before they are allowed to get behind the wheel and start driving on their own.
The first step for any would-be driver under eighteen is Driver’s Education. In Driver’s Education, the student learns the fundamental mechanics of driving and driving laws that keep driver’s safe on the road.
Second, upon completion of Drivers Education the student will make an appointment with the DMV to take their permit test. This test, like any a student would take in school, makes sure the student has a comprehensive grasp on the material every driver is expected to know.
After this test is passed and the student receives their permit, the actual driving begins. The student will need to sign up with a licensed Driver Training driving instructor to get their behind the wheel training started. After the first lesson, the student will be able to accomplish the remainder of their permit requirements with an adult 25 years or older.
After the permit training comes the true event every teen looks forward to- the Driver’s License test. This test consists of a behind the wheel test with a DMV employee to ensure that the driver is ready to handle the car alone. If this test is passed, the student will have their Driver’s License. This license allows the teen to drive a vehicle by themselves for the first six months between the hours 5 am- 11 pm. After the six months, the driver will be able to drive with others in the car. After twelve months the license ceases to be provisional and the driver is allowed to drive without these restrictions.
However, if the Driver is not careful in their driving and is caught breaking a driving law, such as speeding, they will be fined and required to go to Traffic School. At Traffic School, the driver will learn what they did wrong in an eight to ten hour course. Fortunately, this Traffic School can be taken online.
The road to getting a license has many steps but in the end, the Driver’s License makes it all worth it.